Consumer Directed Community Supports

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People who receive community waiver services can chose Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS). This option gives you the flexibility to plan the right mix of services and supports for your needs. You will be responsible for hiring and managing your direct care staff.

How it works

  • Contact Ramsey County intake at 651-266-3613. Ask to be assessed for a Home and Community Waiver.
  • The assessor determines your needs, which results in your budget, which is set by the state.
  • After you get your budget, complete a Minnesota Department of Human Services Community Support Plan (PDF) and other forms.
  • Your case manager and the Ramsey County CDCS coordinator review the forms.
  • When your plan is approved, hire a fiscal agency. The fiscal agency does payroll, pays for approved goods and services, and gives monthly spending reports to you.
  • You must attend a CDCS training each year. (See upcoming CDCS training dates below)

Learn more about person-centered planning and service requirements: