Children's Mental Health Services

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Ramsey County’s children’s mental health services help support and improve children's emotional well-being and development, their relationships with family and friends, and their ability to get along with others and function effectively at home, in school and in the community.

The mental health issues that children might experience include the following:

  • Having difficult relationships with peers or adults.
  • Controlling anger or aggression.
  • Managing worries or other troubling thoughts or feelings.
  • Being able to pay attention or focus.
  • Feeling sad or worthless.
  • Engaging in risky or self-injurious behavior.
  • Coping with significant losses, traumas or other major life events and changes.

Ramsey County coordinates an extensive network of assessment, treatment and supportive services for children and teens with mental health needs. These services include:

24/7 crisis services

Contact our mobile crisis team by calling 651-266-7878.

Ramsey County’s mobile crisis team provides stabilization services, de-escalation, crisis intervention, mental health assessments and initial crisis plans.

Crisis services are available to all children in homes, schools or institutions in Ramsey County, regardless of the family’s ability to pay or type of insurance.

Case management phone line

Contact our case management team by calling 651-266-4486.

The case management phone line provides help for Ramsey County parent/guardians, community members, mental health workers and other professionals with: 

  • General, non-crisis questions about children's mental health.
  • Questions about CMH case management services.
  • Accessing CMH case management services.
  • Making a referral.
  • Checking the status of a referral.

Case management

Case management services can be provided to children who have serious mental health needs.

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Project Assist

Project Assist provides screening, assessment, intervention and arrangement of ongoing services for youth who have been identified with a mental health concern.

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All Children Excel

All Children Excel (ACE) is a program for youth under the age of 10 who would have been charged in a juvenile court if they were older. Children are referred to the program by Saint Paul and suburban police departments. 

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Partnership for Youth & Family Wellbeing

The Partnership for Youth & Family Wellbeing is for African American students who are experiencing academic crises.  An academic crisis can include things like skipping school, failing classes, frequent detentions, receiving suspensions, frequent visits to the office or a time-out area, receiving academic and other school services in the home or an alternative setting, transitioning back to school from residential treatment, etc.