Examiner of Titles

The Examiner of Titles and deputy examiners are attorneys appointed by district court judges to perform the judicial, administrative and legal adviser duties, pursuant to Minnesota Statutes 508, specified in the Minnesota Land Registration Act, also known as the Torrens Act.

What we do

  • Issue reports and conduct hearings in court cases involving the registration of land titles or disputes/problems with land which have been previously registered.
  • Act as legal adviser to the Registrar of Titles who is responsible for recording title documents (e.g. deeds, mortgages, liens) submitted to the Registrar and for issuing Certificates of Title.
  • Issue certain directives and certifications to the Registrar of Titles regarding Torrens title matters.

Deletion Table

Describes when and how items will be dropped from certificates of title. Copy of the deletion table (PDF).

Request deletion of recitals or memorials

Requests for Approval

Instructions for requesting a Certificate of Examiner approval of documents.

Courts and Forms 

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Initial registration


Minnesota has two systems for keeping track of land ownership: abstract and Torrens. Converting land out of the abstract system into the Torrens system is Initial Registration. The steps for an Initial Registration are listed below. This is complex real estate law; we recommend you hire an experienced attorney to assist you.


Proceedings subsequent to initial registration

There are several instances in which it is necessary to commence a court proceeding to cure a title defect in Torrens lands. Such a proceeding is called a "Proceeding Subsequent." For example:

  • To obtain a new certificate of title following a foreclosure of a mortgage by advertisement.
  • To obtain a new certificate of title pursuant to tax sale (if the Auditor’s Certificate has been recorded on the Certificate of Title less than 10 years).
  • To amend the land description on a certificate of title or document.
  • Other matters affecting a person’s registered interest for which notice must be given.


Registration of title without a court proceeding (CPT)

NOTE: This procedure can only be used for titles that do not contain defects. If a title has defects it must be registered through a court proceeding by the courts with the power to cure those defects.

An owner of abstract land can convert the land to the Torrens system (registered) by an inexpensive administrative procedure. This process is less expensive and takes less time than a court proceeding.


Affidavits for directives

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